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Haifa Shooters Club (Moadon Kalaey Haifa) was founded in the late of 50s of the last century and as any sport organization it experienced  and still experiences rises and falls. But in spite of everything the club continues to rejoice venerators of the shooting sport. Many shooters keep on to be devoted to this beautiful sport even on reaching declining years. In the past such well-known sportsmen as Boris Polak and Alexander Tripolsky tied their coaching careers with our club. The club maintains friendly relations as well with Alexander Danilov.

This web site is mainly dedicated to the shooting sport, but sections of practical shooting and archery also exist. More detailed information about activity of these sections,  essentially being the independent bodies, can be found by phone presented in contacts.

The club is a voluntary organization, so participation in the club activities can not be considered as a way for the improvement of one's financial position.

Haifa Shooters Club מועדון קלעי חיפה Клуб Хайфские Стрелки Haifa Shooters Club מועדון קלעי חיפה Клуб Хайфские Стрелки
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